Design in Three Dimensions is a Toronto-based consultancy working with museums and arts institutions on strategy, engagement and foresight issues.

With an extensive background in museum experience design, D3D's principal Beverly Dywan's pioneering Master's degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at Toronto's OCAD University, focused on research to analyze how museums can effectively move into the future, through better strategic thinking and engagement.

Strategic thinking is a part of every business now, especially museums. With many other entertainment and educational opportunities, museums need to differentiate themselves. By creating a 5-20 year strategic plan, museums can create goals, metrics to see if they have got there, and can bring forth a reputation that shows they are planning ahead effectively. Stakeholder and other community involvement is key to this. Design in Three Dimensions can effectively help you steer your strategic plan, to include futures thinking and actionable goals.

AMAzing Space,
Albany Museum of Art, Georgia


  • Strategic thinking exercises and articulation
  • Strategic planning
  • Foresight analysis and concrete frameworks for change
  • Comparative exploration of similar industries
  • Engagement approaches and policy
  • Exhibit analysis and design thinking

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